Training Design:

Training with C Ward Intercultural Communication offers you:

  • Topics that are customized to fit the needs of your organization
  • Practical skills and resources that can be utilized the next day
  • Dynamic, interactive sessions
  • Simulation games and meaningful debriefing exercises, to help your team engage in active learning
  • Follow-on activities and individual coaching options available

Areas of Expertise:

Intercultural Competence and Diversity:

Our Awareness Training is focused on helping participants develop an understanding of the value of diversity and intercultural competence in the workplace.  Participants develop greater self-awareness regarding topics such as intercultural sensitivity, stereotyping, and micro-aggressions.  Our Skill-Development Training is designed to teach participants how to understand and respond effectively to specific cultural differences in the workplace. Often, organizations select a combination of awareness and skill development training, customized to their particular needs.  Here are some of our sample offerings:

Cultural Adjustment:

These workshops are designed for two key types of audiences:  our American cultural orientation workshops are for newly arrived international employees and students, and our pre-departure workshops are designed to help American expat employees and study abroad participants prepare for life in a new culture. Here are some of our sample offerings:

Global Business Communication Skills:

We offer clear, concrete, hands-on workshops and courses designed to help a range of employees and professionals develop the communication skills necessary to succeed in a global work environment.  Our clients have the option of choosing a holistic curriculum that covers all skills areas, or one that focuses specifically on either oral or written business communication.  We are also seasoned experts at adjusting the curriculum to meet the specific needs of participants who are not native speakers of English. Here are some of our sample offerings:

Contact us at or 203-743-1010 to discuss your training options.

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