What is Intercultural Coaching?

Intercultural Coaching is a professional relationship between a coach and client in which the goal is to assist the client in developing intercultural competency.

Who would benefit most from Intercultural Coaching?

  • Expatriate employees, pre- and post-arrival
  • Global business travelers
  • Professionals seeking continuing support to improve effectiveness of intercultural communication skills

How does the coach assist the client with developing intercultural competencies?

  • By examining how knowledge, perceptions, actions, and emotions impact issues encountered by client
  • By considering the context of the client’s relationships and environment

What are the steps in the Intercultural Coaching process?

  • Conversation:  The coach and the client establish a working relationship. The coach will listen carefully to the client, and ask and answer questions designed to help the client determine the main issues that need to be addressed. This step includes the intake interview, and may include 360 feedback from the client’s colleagues.
  • Assessment: The coach will work with the client to determine:
    1. What is the client trying to accomplish?
    2. What is standing in the client’s way?
    3. Where does the client currently stand in terms of intercultural sensitivity?
    4. Which cultural orientation or category might be useful in the client’s context?
    5. What competencies does the client need to develop?
    6. Who will support or distract the client in developing these competencies?
  • Program: The coach and client will work together to develop a coaching program.  This includes establishing a clear, concrete purpose, determining measurable outcomes, establishing a meeting schedule and the duration of the program, and deciding what additional support might be required.  The content of the program will include self-observation, exercise with intention, and written resources appropriate to the client’s goals.
  • Delivery: Because it takes time and effort to develop intercultural competencies, the coach and client will engage in regular follow-up coaching meetings to chart the client’s progress with the program.  During these meetings, the coach will continually reassess the client and enhance the design of the program, as appropriate.

Contact us at or 203-743-1010 to explore how you or your organization might benefit from our coaching services.

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