Our Services


We provide training seminars, workshops, and courses to businesses and institutions.  Areas of expertise include cross-cultural communication, cultural adjustment, multicultural workforce management, business communication skills, global leadership development, and orientations for both incoming and outgoing international employees and students.


For clients who are seeking a more individualized experience with ongoing one-on-one support, we offer dynamic and effective data-driven intercultural coaching programs.  We are ready to assist in the client’s development of intercultural competencies in a way that is appropriate for each unique context.


With more than 20 years of experience in the area of English language education and ESL program leadership, we offer a variety of consulting services to public schools and school districts, colleges and universities, adult and continuing education programs, and private institutions.  Areas of expertise include ESL program development and curriculum design; student testing, placement and evaluation; employee hiring, training, and supervision; program marketing; student recruitment and retention; theory and practice of English language education.