Educational Institutions and Non-Profit Organizations

With our decades of experience and success in the field of international education, C Ward Intercultural Communication, LLC is a great choice for schools and non-profit organizations looking for training opportunities to develop their intercultural communication skills and ELL education services.  We are available for any of the following:

  • New Employee/Volunteer Orientations
  • Diversity Training
  • In-service Workshops
  • International Student/Newcomer Orientations
  • Outgoing Study Abroad Orientations
  • ELL Best Practices Workshops and Seminars

Furthermore, with the growing number of English language learners and international students attending  pubic and private schools, colleges and universities, and adult/continuing education programs, our consulting services can help your institution or organization learn how to best meet the needs of your ELL population.

If an individual at your institution or in your organization needs specific help in developing intercultural competencies, our intercultural coaching program is an excellent option.

Please contact us at or 203-743-1010 to learn more.

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