Helping English Language Learners Succeed in the American Classroom

This in-service workshop is designed for mainstream educators who are interested in learning how to best meet the needs of their ELLs in the American classroom.  Educators will learn about the cultural, social, and linguistic challenges that impact both newcomer and international students.  The workshop will focus on common classroom issues that teachers face when working with these student populations:

  • Wait Time: Will the other students think I’m waiting too long for an answer?
  • Negotiating Meaning: Am I spending too much time helping this student?
  • Being Understood: I don’t want to embarrass my non-native English-speaking students, but what if I can’t understand them? What if they can’t understand me?

Educators will learn concrete tips and strategies for helping these students to become more involved in class, and to prepare more effectively for coursework and exams.